Well... Itís all because of the need to express myself, to communicate, to resist and to fight... I always wanted to play an instrument and to have a band, but never had the possibility, because of not knowing nothing about music, because of not having friends to play with, or lately for not having time to rehearse. This solo project is the result of my personal and musical evolution...

I admit that ENSC cannot be called music in 100%, maybe noise in 100%... It doesnít matter. Iím not doing this for you, but for me and if you donít like it donít listen, donít come back here, I donít care. For you to have an idea I can go back to the days I had the first contact with a ZX Spectrum, some 13 years ago. That time, one or two neighbors add it and they were playing it all the time. I remember that they rarely left me play with them... they said I was clumsy...(laughs!)... Right! The truth was that they were no more them little burguiese, new-rich that probably didnít wanted me near. The cause was not my skill with computers and games, but maybe my family, the political position of my parents that time, there jobs and revenues. Well, I ended up taking a degree in Systems and computing engineering, while this "friends" are all in politics or helping there parents in there business. I played and I learn programming... From early times I got used to the sound of the microphone of my Spectrum.

A few years latter I got a PC. Learned other programming languages, learned who to use other programs, learned new applications and started do understand the danger and the use of computers with the objective of control and manipulation of mankind. Somewhere between my 16 years I had my first contact with the Underground Punk/Hardcore scene. I Started to read fanzines, got to know more bands and people... After so many years of a mainstream prison, after so many years grabbed to grunge and alternative or any other type of music in vogue that time, any type of sound recreated and exploited by the major labels, the discovery of this scene was on of the greatest things to me. Then I discovered that music could still be a powerful way to fight. I grew up listening to the revolutionary LPís of my father, but to me, 1994 had nothing revolutionary in music... With time I discovered I was anarchist, that all ideas I had about a perfect end equal society was of a anarchist society. By this time I got a big interest in this matter. It was then that vegetarianism got into my life, with a song called "Meat is Murder" by X-Acto, a Portuguese vegan straight edge band. I was young, and I was in high-school and no one cared or toke me seriously. I learned how this youth was and still is all fucked up! Later I learned that the so called "Alternative youth" was fucked up the same! This people that proclaim them selves as "radical" and "cool" are no more that people with the same mentality as the previews but with a different type of clothes and music... Today I think that the punk/hardcore scene is like a bad walnut. A big shell and small kernel, where the crust and the hollow space is the gigantic amount of people that call then selves "punx" or "cores" or other names, and donít do much more then listen to music, buy clothes, go to concerts and kick the shit out of everyone at the mosh pit; in the other hand, the kernel are the very few people that actually do something useful, the ones that make fanzines, that organize concerts and protest walks, those that actually think and act, but are weak and with a small radius of action because of the lack of support... If the walnut was healthy! Maybe we could hurt the target! But it is rotten and the most probable is to crack open.

I guess it was in new yearís eve of 1997 that I discovered that electronic music could be a wonderful way of fight. I spend it in a rave-punk organized by travelers. I saw punk concerts and spend some time dancing... Two or three weeks later I saw on "Alternative nation" the clip of Atari Teenage Riot ("The kids are united") and it was love at first sight because it seemed punk to me, it made me remember the punk concerts that I'm used and I liked the lyric. Today I have a different opinion about the band but that doesnít matter now. A few months latter a got a program called "Fasttracker" and learned how to work with it.

Electro Noisy Seitan Core isnít more then a way to shout, to move, the release myself from this conformity of every day's life. I admit I prefer to play in a punk band or a hardcore band, but it canít be done... Thatís not the reality, Besides, I can put in practice the "Do It Yourself" philosophy. My objective itís not the music but the message, and even if I canít find a way to sing over the music, I want to release my work, myself, with the help of friends. Iím not for the money, besides I doubt I could make any money at all with the shit I do. I just am not no musical genius, Iím just a normal person thatís experimenting sonorities and noises. Besides, the fist two years of tracking are always bad, even if the music may sound brilliant to me, the truth is that it is bad. But I cannot take it as an excuse for doing nothing... I have my ideas and I want to show it...

The truth is that is great to be able to do music with my PC, not only because I can do it in the comfort of my room, but also because I can do it any time, it is cheap and made by myself only. Thatís why I believe that digicore itís probably one of the best musical way of fighting and resisting. You donít need good equipment nether a lot of time. So, why haven't you started your band? Come on! Letís do it! This is not to make idols and shit like that, this is about shouting against this capitalist, patriarchal, fascist, sexist, homophobic and specicist society.

Daniel, 8/3/1998
ps: Sorry for my bad English translation!


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