Rubber Muffin emerged from a neon fungus patch growing on a spaceship's gas tank in 85400AD.
Mubber Ruffin vows his life to forcing rusty sound shrapnel down people's throats and up the occasional anus.
Rubber Muffin vomits sound by: channeling aggression into a self-therapeutic audio canvas, cuming on his keyboard, 
de-popping pop music, summoning the power of Greyskull and thrusting it into sub-woofers,
building his own instruments and learning how to master them, spending countless hours naked in his studio/living room,
sampling obscure cartoons, dominating an ever changing abundance of stinky/sharp/squishy/sticky bassdrums, 
conducting for an endless orchestra of satanic drumloops,
using and mastering the Brownote + working towards the yellowish-white Creamnote,
raping audio with an army of robot boxes, and applying the skills thought to him by Sensei Robocop. 
Rubber Muffin's performances include beeing hammered, frightningly offensive banter and lullabies, the art of whiplash, and
Dance Mix ('93 to '98) dance moves.
Rubber Muffin is a dirty lazer hippy.
Rubber Muffin successfully trained his dog to pull him on fruit boots.
Rubber Muffin has also trained his dog to fetch a ball at the command "Grindcore!".
Rubber Muffin was hospitalized for his A.D.D. (It didn't work.)
Rubber Muffin lives in the four corners of the apocalypse.
Rubber Muffin wants you...
Rubber Muffin hates William Shatner (He reaaaaaally does!)
Rubber Muffin loves splitting wood.
Rubber Muffin is Meat Parade's father.
Rubber Muffin's father is Meat Parade.
Rubber Muffin + Meat Parade = Waste management.
Rubber Muffin is as Breakcore as it gets.


Meat Parade was born inside a floating 4D volcano situated in the Fractal Triangular Conscience Parallel Rainbow Dimension "0000" in 16940BC.
Meat Parade vows his life to destroying and designing sounds.
Meat Parade constructs and deconstructs sounds using computers + machines, ear obliterating kick drums + snares, lazers + death rays, his mouth, FX processors, shitty music, trackers + digital audio workstations, thirty-billion kinds of distortion, cd skipping action, infra sounds, out of sync loops, the "copy+paste" buttons on the keyboard, disease infested beats, super scary monster ambiances, platinum pyramid bass-lines and love potions.
Meat Parade's performances include epileptic panic attack action, super mega hyper sexy karate chop dance moves and vortexes to the 7th dimension.
Meat Parade has made a track at 666 BPM.
Meat Parade definitely has A.D.D.
Meat Parade hopes you are hungry for cat food.
Meat Parade has an active sex drive.
Meat Parade is not fresh. At all.
Meat Parade lives inside a diamond tiger's pancreas.
Meat Parade hates to sleep.
Meat Parade loves to make soup.
Meat Parade is Rubber Muffin's mother.
Meat Parade's Mother is Rubber Muffin.
Meat Parade + Rubber Muffin = Waste management.
Meat Parade is Jesse Moon. 


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