It is hard to put to text what goes trough the mind when you listen to a BABYLON DISCO track. Over a period of several releases, contribution to small compilations and general BABYLON DISCO madness, he brings something unique for the scene. With the 'do it yourself' aestetic of punk-music into the world of Breakcore and Digital Hardcore he has managed to create a musical monster. Maybe not in the sense of a large crowd of listeners, even though there are quite a few today who have explored the harder sides of Disco.

BABYLON DISCO started out as a 17 year-old Swedish kid trying to claw himself into the dhc/breakcore-scene. Back then Martin was known as Primas Annias, one of the founders of the 8bitError artist-collective... A collective held together by the love for old videogames, Japanese culture and lo-fi electronic equipment.

PRIMAS ANNIAS was a strange mixture between chiptunes/vgm, breakcore, digital hardcore and noise. This however, proved to be a problem when half the audience at a gig expected super-cute Nintendo beats, and the other half wanted mindblowing distortion... Thus BABYLON DISCO was born, concentrating on the harder aspects of digital music!

BABYLON DISCO's greatness lies is the lack of desire to conform, even in the non-conformist venue of the breakcore massive. There is clearly referenses in his music to the likes of Venetian Snares and classic DHR, but BD is no copy-cat. There is something unique that catches you and defies rigid thinking.

He is a self-described nerd who really, and I mean really, likes The Simpsons. Sampling film-flicks from everywhere around. And also man who prides himself of collecting releases from the legends of DHR. If you ever go see his shows or get his music, I think there is a big possibility that you will be blown away by the hard irregular beats.

"It's all done on computers now. And staplers... computers and staplers"

-Martin: Vocals, Synthesizers, Programming, Mixing, Recording, Sampling
"I work like a Japanese beaver"

Gear: Yamaha CS-5 MK25C, Laptop, Behringer mixer, Kaospad II, Alesis BitRman, Theremin, feedback, various pirated software.


DTRASH131Allt Är Skit, Jämt2009