JuL!e D:stroy has been an unapologetic riot grrrl since middle school, influenced by bands like Bikini Kill, Naked Aggression, Crass, X-Ray Spex and The Slits.

Julie first started out DJing Gabber/Terrror VINYL at 15,dropping labels such as Bloody Fist, C*NT records, Strike, Headfuck, Industrial Strength, DropBassNetwork and especially DHR. She played many renegade parties, released many bootleg mixtapes than years later teamed up with local abrasive D'n'B mixtress/derby doll GoGo Distrukto to form their DJ team ‘Distrukto Mizuno’ named after Julie's abuse of the misspelled 'distrukto' and gogo's favorite psychedelic horror artist Junko Mizuno. They played numerous parties and engagements like the clothing convention "MAGIC", punk proms and artist based First Friday in downtown Las Vegas. Notorious for consistently spinning a vinyl mix of drum n bass, punk, grime, DHC, riot grrrl and gabber this was their attempt to contribute to a lackluster community of hipsters, "asshole ravers" and sexist punks within the Las Vegas scene. Although D.M is currently on hiatus you can expect something in the future from them, if you’re lucky.

Later on after taking a break from the wheels of steel, she began filming the trashy B-movie 'You Make Me Dead' in Los Angeles after a couple years she moved back to Las Vegas and decided to teach herself how to create her own music thus, came the release "what’s your damage?" an E.P released off A-Klass/GOD rekkids, NZ. this was a trashbin of breaks, gabber kicks & charged bitchy feminist samples referencing sexism & homophobia along with the occasional F-bomb sample which was mashed together with mega brattitude made on cool edit 2.0 with NO loop sync capabilities whatsoever teamed up with a freeware drum machine program called 'little drummer boy' this began her exploits into Digital Hardcore.

After perfecting her style and updating her software she met R. Sin from San Diego, CA he sent a track and that was the birth of her trashy dance track 'Skank' they went their own ways than later she teamed up with SG:3 for random jam sessions armed with her sample collection burned on CD they ended up coming out with her most popular track "Spring Breaks" this being the first time she ever got to work with Abelton Live in a real studio environment, the lyrics were written freestyle status than immediately recorded.

The next step was working on a new release, so after making a handful of solo tracks she teamed up with the infamous Vankmen of Crunkcore recordings, the duo came out with 'Get it Grrrl' and 'Bikini Killa' which got massive praise for its genre blending of Grime/Gabber/Terror and Electro with bitchy girl rap slapped in the listener's face, somewhat in the vein of Roxanne Shante some have said.

A while later she was approached to appear on the sweedish based digital hardcore project 'IYOV' for their first full release ' Allt Är Skit, Jämt' which in english stands for "everything is fucking awful." released on D-Trash.

Now after the years of work and the final release of “Lipgloss N Chaos”, Julie is currently working on a full length album which will include her usually mix of grime/dhc/ska/breakcore/gabber and punk.

Forever a genre bender, this girl is a mega contender, watch out! <3


DTRASH200Trash The World2015
DTRASH141Lipgloss N' Chaos!!!!!2010