Live Speedcore/Gabba/Punk and Noize, saturated with sounds of ancient cultures from an electronic cyborg zombie on crystal meth and post nuclear waste.

Although he has released a number of EPS and featured on many compilations on Splitterblast Records, Splatterkore, SKRD & Atomic Annihilation, he releases his first full length album on D-Trash & Splatterkore at the end of 2010.

The Story So Far
Society has consumed itself. Human greed and ego/mind orientated lifestyles have reduced reality to emotional confusion & spiritual isolation. A fundamentalist ecological terrorist organisation known as The Planetary Peace Protocol (PPP), detonate a catastrophic electromagnetic weapon, annihilating all electronic technology and systems of government. After the wake of the funeral of the capitalist empire, the PPP unite with the remnants of ‘the elite’ to discuss plans to restore society to a primitive, pre-technological heirarchical system of dictatorship. Millions oppose their ideas and believe technology to be a “Kankimatryk” (an “instrument of progress”). The coalition are outnumbered and struggle to control the revolt, thus giving rise to the creation of The Red Grave Army; a humanoid military power, designed to destroy all robots and defend the coalition’s agenda. Outraged by the ideas and strategies of the PPP, humans, cyborgs and machines alike, unite to form a renegade federation of rebels, dedicated to the elimination of the last forms of corrupt government and ego centred reality. The Electronic Zombie Cyborg Mafia (EZCM) now dominate the planetary underground cult of resistance....and JUNKIE KUT is their battle-fuel.

Alles Systemus Obseletus. Viva La Destruction!


DTRASH151Terror, Rage & Liberty2010