FFT ERROR is the studio and live band music project of Tsunami Killcore (TK), pseudonym of Spanish music producer and song-writer Sofia NM. With a background in electroacoustic music, noise and proto-punk and a long way run playing guitar and singing in rock bands, she started to develop her characteristic electronic sound and solo project in Manchester, 2000.

For few years, she played and improvised sets of noise and experimental techno in the free-party scene of UK, Spain and Portugal, absorving key influences from the rave scene at a time that she run paralel arts projects.

In 2008 she teams up with electronic drummer, visual artist and former dj Nelo Olmos, collaboration from which FFT ERROR origins. Rescuing that background rooted in garage punk, hardcore and industrial rock, the project takes off pursuing the mix of these musical influences with the spirit of the rave scene and the sound of experimental electronica, and adding up to a collection of screamed lyrics which portray a mix of rage, dark intimacy and political conciousness.

FFT ERROR moves between the aesthetics of punk-rock and harsh electronica building on thick guitar layers and power riffs, dark beats and kick-ass vocals. The inspiration and concept of the project revolve around the politics of communication and social relationships, power struggles and the role of technology in an envisioned mind-machine paradigm.


DTRASH200Trash The World2015
DTRASH161Revolution Planet Flesh2012