MASS HYPNOTIZED is a French project born in 2009, by Julie Goine after a gestation period, accumulation of listening, meetings, feelings, love and passion, focusing on a dark, atmospheric industrial, martial and ritualistic soundscapes.

Her work is based on deconstructions, contrast, mixtures of elements and sounds to create a uniqueness result. In 2004, she began to discover and enjoy music through the free internet culture, directing investigations mainly in electronic music, and "free" downloads.

In 2007 she met musicians who playing in Death Metal, Metal, Grind, bands. She discovered a rich and complex universe and decides to start learning to play drums. She plays at the moment with a noise and harsh band.

In 2008, she discovered the world of netlabels, understood the beauty of this free ideology, completely oriented in sharing and giving of self, and support many different bands. In 2009, she experiments and gives life to this project, as a witness to this fascination and this route guided by Love.

After releasing all his tracks on various compilations on netlabels like Digital Vomit, Wildness, D-Trash Records, Sirona Records, Otorragie, etc. .. She decided to combine them into one common theme: "Abolish Your Own Illusion" made a CD version and send it to friends, internet contacts, favourite bands etc..

This album is a meeting of dark ambient, illbient, martial and electronic music, and up to the noise and ritual music. This is completely hybrid. Thanks to Jay and Pete to support this project!


DTRASH163Abolish Your Own Illusion2012