This is a new page of the dtrashrecords.com site in 2009.  On here we'll pimp some of our label's artists, own collectives or labels.  We'll add more as we remember. 

D-TRASH sublabel CONTRA RECORDINGS ran by E.COLI of CONTRA, with web help from SCHIZOID.   While also electronic music, this is a much more subdued and subtle beast, like the sounds of D-TRASH playing underwater in the deepest parts of the Pacific Ocean.  At first home to only CONTRA material and related projects, the label now has released from other artists in the worldwide scene.

Panopticore-destructionism-opposes the spectacle, the scene, is music expressive of animals, art, literature, music, anarchy, computer hacking, phone phreaking, the end of human hegemony, the destruction of consensus reality, nonsense, the death of all celebrities, the death of music-fashion oriented scenes (punk/hiphop/rave/etc), the end of hip, the destruction of controlling agents (identity, country, belief systems) contempt for mainstream media, contempt for simulacra, contempt for a 'laid-back' mentality, support for life-action-work, hatred of the 'alternative' mainstream. l0ngl1v3 F7 M4r1n3771-7r1574n 7z4r4-kur7 5w1773r5-m4x 3rn57-w1ll14m bur0ugh5 ph1l1p k d1ck-7h0m45 pynch0n-m4rqu15 d3 54d3-h4k1m b3y-br14n 3n0-b1ll l45w3ll w1ll14m bl4k3-guy d3b0rd-m1ck h4rr15-0d1l0n r3d0n-ju571n br04dr1ck-sylv14 pl47h k3v1n m4r7in-hp l0v3cr4f7-b4rb4r4 kru3g3r-j3nny h0lz3r-j0hn lyd0n.

Latvian netlabel DEX AND THE CITY is a crazy bunch of electronic artists playing music far far from the norm, even the underground norm.  They produce a psychedelic and terroristic regurgitation of the corpse of culture.  We're happy to report that in the coming months, we will release a DEX AND THE CITY Records sampler, the first of many net-label spotlight compilations coming to D-TRASH.

halucogene hazardous chemical infested suburbs of  musical matrix with it's freakish mutated inhabitants. 

no one knows what was it - the mistake of the administrator, technical error in the system (that of course has errors like any system does), or the divine sign from 'music itself'.. but it happened.. spot in 'reality' appeared, spawning a unseen form of virus, spreading some alien code - deforming 'reality'.

mutation affected everything in the exact region, that once used to be sunny and peaceful place, inhabited by colourful, questionless lifeforms - the possible images of what could 'music itself' be, and ruled by the emperor of the great mainstream empire - the great consumers ear. ...same time the 'music itself,' of course, remained hidden from all and every eye, behind the illusions of matrix, still implicitly showing itself in every of those illusions to the observant eye. ...but that's allready a different story.  population mutated. step by step. by every next generation the shapes became more disturbing, deformed, monstrous and unpleasant for 'consumers ear' wich, was served as god in the citadels of musical matrix.  so they were considered sick and pathological - the unvanted kind in this society, wich itself at

same time sank in degradation, coruption and sin, following the dictatorship of great consumers ear. it was decided, that no scum like those creatures should ever disturb the illusion of perfectness of their society and therefore the region was isolated and named 'underground', and the inhabitants defined as lower beings - the pathalogy, and cast out of mainstream society.
sadly for them, the scum survived and continued mutating, soon exceeding the specimen of the empire in evolution. new kind of society was created. with new values and goals. and with no tolerance towards the empire and it's laws. it was the time for the dictatorship to end...  you are here. this is a fucking war.  !!!PIRACY AND COPYRIGHT VIOLATION DOESN'T KILL MUSIC - COMMERCE DOES!!!