Contact DTRASH : 

We operate out of Toronto, Canada.  We also operate a network of decentralized outposts across the globe. 
Please contact us via email for any requests for information or promotional material, or demo submissions at:

   At present we're not at liberty to post the postal address. 
   Please contact us directly at the email address below for
   further post information.


NOTE!  Please mark all demo packages, promotional materials, as a GIFT with 0$
value, mark as promotional goods.  All packages we have to pay customs for are denied.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Quizzings)

"How do I get in touch with a D-TRASH artist?"
-------------->  Many of the contact information is available through the Artist Profile pages.  If you have a specific Press/Interview/Remix requests you can contact us directly and we'll pass along the info.

"Thanks for the free music!  Do you mind if I print out the CD inserts and burn the MP3s and sell them at my record store/distro?"
-------------->  Oh, please don't.  Enjoy any personal hard copies you might make for yourself, but don't sell any of our material commercially.  We'll take care of that ourselves.   We'd rather you buy a spindle of CDRs and burn the CDs that we give for free online and you give them to your friends.

"The red 3-pointed swirl (Triskele) that is the D-TRASH logo - Are you using it for racist purposes/are you aligned with <Name of xenophobic organization> who also uses the Triskele?"
-------------->  We're anti-racism, of course.  The D-Trash swirl started to get used by early members, and now it is more or less our defacto logo.  That's the story behind it.

"I ordered a CD from you, when will I receive it?"
-------------->  Depending on your order, air mail to North America/Europe can take anywhere from 1-4 weeks.  Surface rate level shipping can take 4-8 weeks.  All mail and orders are responded to within 24 hours of order.  Be patient.

"Here is my MP3.  Will you listen to it and tell me what you think?"
-------------->  Maybe.   Probably we will just add your email address to our mailing list and spam you.  Best advice is to send us a demo and read the instructions on our site. 

"Will you add a link to my site?"
-------------->  Sure we would (Racists and Christians don't bother though.)  Add a link to our site, show us the URL and we'd love to reciprocate.

"Can I send you my demo?"
-------------->  Sure you can.  We'd love to hear it.  Here is all the info you need to know about what we're looking for.

"Can I order up copies of your D-TRASH STORE's items that are for sale, for my distro?"
-------------->  We'd love that.  Contact us with which titles you want and we will reply with pricing info.  We'll give deals/distro rates on if you want a whole bunch of stuff.

"Hey, the link to this song/artwork/download is broken.  WTF!"
-------------->  Let us know at the email address above, that'd be great if you pointed out our screw-ups.  There's a ton too many links to maintain on here!

"Would you do a trade with my label/distro?"
-------------->  We'd really like to, but our focus is primarily on selling our own stuff and stuff very similiar to it.  Ask if you want but probably not.

"You guys have an site!  That means you're not radical enough to be in with us cool kids!"
-------------->  Get a life.