Our Demo Policy:

DTRASH is always exposing new talent to the electronic underground scene and so far we've had great success with our artists being able to work internationally with many respected record labels.  After changing from the DTRASH collective style to the centralized record label format, we've found our policy of demos nowadays works well.  

Are you looking for new artists?  What style?
We're a label that actively supports new electronic acts and we want to hear from you.  We're always interested in hearing something new and anything sent to our offices is guaranteed to be listened as soon as it is possible.  The acts we bring aboard this record label are always 100% into the label and their work.  Everyone involved in DTRASH is expected to spread the word of the label and help promote the distribution of their recordings.  We are looking for energetic enthusiastic artists who want to help us help them, and who know how to promote themselves (ie. No slackers!).  Together, we could help be the springboard that introduces you to the world.

We've never really defined what style we are looking for, and with good reason.  For us to say "This is the music that is DTRASH and that kind, only" would be painting ourselves into a musical corner.  There's been material we'd thought we wouldn't want to release and then something came alone and surprised us and demanded a release.  The best indication of what we want, is for you to listen to some of our recent material and see if you think yours would stand comfortably alongside it.   If you've heard DTRASH Records material, you'll know exactly what we want. 

In the past bit we've been getting some Demos and while we love and support all kinds of music, honestly there is some stuff that we are not looking for.  As independent artists ourselves, we want to be up-front and save you from spending your promo $ on sending out Demos that won't receive consideration.   Please, no EBM/Dancefloor/Goth-pop-tronica stuff;  No straight-out white noise material.  No "nu-metal".  No electro-clash. 

Getting more to the point, please don't send us CDRs of, or URLS to bad MP3s, of unfinished demo material that is ultimately junk non-music with no effort put into it.  We like to hear everything but already have enough requests to listen to a lot of stuff that is ultimately amateurish and obviously not ready for release on any label, let alone D-TRASH.  The abraisive nature of our material lends itself to all kinds of sounds and interpretations of the genre, but this intent is often misinterpreted by attention-seeking wolf-cryers who just want to dump any old half-finished junk on us.  

It sounds kind of cold, but that's where we are, we are pushing ahead with 10,000 things all the time and would love each new DTRASH release to be better than the one before it.  We've heard enough junk noisecore material or IDM to last a lifetime and are asking more of ourselves as artists and listeners.  Again listen to our other artists and releases before you submit.  We are looking for new artists, but not looking to release anything at all from anyone who's just thrown something together.  Quality, not quantity.  Please remember this when submitting material, we don't care about hearing it unless it's good. 

You'll know if it's good. We've given opinions on material sometimes in the past but we find it a bit of a chore honestly to give constructive criticism on songs which have nothing to offer in the first place - And we're way less likely to listen to your 2nd and 3rd demos unless the 1st one was good.  Have some pride in your work, your art and yourself and submit only your best stuff to us. 

How / Where Do I Send it to?
To submit a demo to the label you must send us 2 copies of your recording (CDR or cassette formats). We're not going to explain why, just send us two of whatever you think we need to hear.  One thing you can be certain of: We'll listen to it the minute your package is opened.  Please don't just send us mp3 files.   By sending your demo in hard copy to our offices, its a message to us that you're serious about becoming a part of our team.  So, sending an mp3 (A LINK TO IT) is okay, but we don't sign people on the basis of mp3 files.  Having said that, we do listen to mp3s but there are too many kids out there who are only willing to email a link and that's not a way to show your commitment.  On that note, please don't pester us about your demo either.  If it's good, we'll let you know. 


At present we're not at liberty to post the postal address.  If you've read the above, please contact us directly at the email address below for further post information.

NOTE!  Please mark all demo packages, promotional materials, as a GIFT with 0$ value, mark as promotional goods.  All packages we have to pay customs for are denied.

All email correspondence should be directed to (remove NOSPAM):

Whatever you do, do NOT email MP3s to this account.  We're having problems keeping up with the mail and getting overuse warnings.